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Specialized Combat and Assault Regiment Operational Mandate.

This mandate is to let you new folks let you know what kind of ride your in for, in joining the regiment. Whether you have a unique set of skills for the field or off, they are being called for to join an experimental unit inside the republic military. We will be working closely with Jedi and freelancers to accomplish our goals, giving us infinite solutions to do so, whether morally correct or not. This operational freedom still follows the chain of command inside the republic military, as are expected of the folks inside the regiment to do so as well.

S.C.A.R. is not a new unit by any mean, the regiment was formed during the battle of Alderaan, where several troopers and Jedi distinguished themselves in combat. This small group worked in such unison that after the battle republic command gave the commanding officer orders to create a specialized military unit to fight and push back the enemy as they had, thus S.C.A.R. was created. Members were selected from the ranks of the military and offered to Jedi that wished to join, making it one of the first military units to fully prospect and recruit every individual in its ranks. This operational freedom does come with a heavy price, a first class ticket to the front line of every assault, the bloodiest battles, and some of the most grueling and gruesome places in the galaxy. S.C.A.R. has a long and proud tradition of being the best and it shall always remain as such, so I welcome you to the regiment.
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